Rose Ward

“I was introduced to fire dancing in 2002 when I lived on the Big Island of Hawaii, I started spinning poi in 2005 after my daughter was born, it was a  fun hobby and realized it was pretty amazing for dealing with the stress of being a new mom. As I developed my skills, I began to take fire everywhere; birthday parties, potlucks, camping trips, and outside live music venues where I met Seth Brown, who was starting his own business and was looking to bring some fire to various events. This led to more performing and popularity of fire arts, eventually leading me to start Pele Rising in 2012 with Jewels Meek and Linsey Gonzales. As our popularity grew, we added several more performers including Beej Scherrer, Aaron Maynard, Michelle Casey and Travis Crisp. Soon after adding costume designer Hannah, and stage manager Sara Scherrer.”

Cody Fisher

“I have been spinning many different props both (fire and glow) for well over three years. The first tool that i took off with was poi, it helped lay the foundation to all the other fire tools that i have picked up along the way. I am fluent in poi, double nunchucks, s staffs, staffs, and dragon staffs. I am always striving to push the boundaries of these fire props by committing to countless hours of practice daily and learning from other amazing performers. I have done many different professional fire performances from choreographed performances at festivals to  small back yard parties. I am also open to teach classes and hold workshops for any of the above props.”

14359257_1213247092069202_834992471001719579_nJoshua Joy

“My name is Joshua Joy, and I am 23 years old and I’m from Boise Idaho. I was first introduced to flow arts around 5 years ago and have been messing with the fire aspect of it for around 3 years. My main prop that I’m most comfortable with is Poi but you will also see me with my newest prop, juggling fire clubs.”



Chris Pedersen

(Chris’s Bio is coming soon!)





Coltyn Fisher

Poi- No you don’t eat it! When I was young, my parents went on a trip to Hawaii. They brought back a DVD that had a performance of fire dancers. I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen! I looked up to the Polynesians who did this, but did not pursue fire dancing until I went to festivals where I found people spinning fire just like the Polynesians. I still remember my first time spinning poi while on fire. I could hear the wisp of the fire cutting through the air, while the heat beat upon my skin. To my surprise, the kerosene flame was not as hot as I thought it would be, so naturally I began playfully stalling it on my arms and legs. I finished with a backflip while spinning the poi in mid air. That was the moment I fell in love with fire and the art of manipulating this raw energy, the energy of Pele Rising.

Casey Jane Russell

Pele Rising is proud to welcome Ms. Casey Jane Russell to our family! This fiery tart can spin circles around you with her hypnotizing hoop skills and eats fire like she survives off the stuff. Like our very own Chris Pedersen, she is also a part of the incredibly talented Serpent Fire troupe in Boise! We look forward to having her talent on board and our relationship with Serpent Fire to help us heat up Idaho even more!